Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Well I always thought that it was silly to have all these religious disagreements since it seemed to me that at it's core, most religions seemed to hold the same or very similar views of One God.

Survey Says: Multiple Gods

This seems to indicate that my perception was in error. There seem to be a number of "modes" of God and his position of human issues.

  • The Authoritarian God (the whole "wrath of God" idea)
  • The Benevolent God (judgemental but not to the point of throwing lightning bolts)
  • The Critical God (judgemental but not to get involved one way or the other)
  • The Distant God (you're on your own)

Every one but the first seems to be benevolent enough to provide for some common ground to begin discussions on the differences in human issues. Of course that implies that they don't think all the others are wrong because they don't believe what we believe.

But it concerns me in a global perspective that I don't feel this includes Muslims or other non-judeo-christian religions. However it's point seems to involve American issues so I suspect that this omission wasn't necessarily intentional.


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