Friday, January 12, 2007

It's my phone


I don't want you all (or around here "yall") to dictate what sound my phone makes when it rings. I want it to ring like I have it set (which is to say with a ringing sound like a ... oh, I don't know, PHONE!). That way I'll know that my phone is ringing and I should answer it.

If, however, some song starts, I sit here for minutes trying to figure out where that music is coming from. When I finally track it down to being my phone because no one else around me has answered their phone and the speakers on the computer I'm sitting at are turned off it's too late, you've hung up.

So I won't ask politely (because that is my resolution for this year, to be more rude when appropriate) that my phone ring like a phone. I will DEMAND it! Because it's MY FREAKING PHONE!



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