Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Evil by Inferance?

I never really considers Mister Bush to be a Truly Evil man (like say, "Mister" Cheney is, shooting lawyers and all). He was certainly a few apples short a pie and not very articulate, but he seemed to be well-meaning in a moronic sort of way.

But at what point do you become Evil(tm) by allowing Evil to be perpetrated by those around you (or who work for you)? How much Evil does it take for that? How Evil does it make you?

I mean it's been clear for a long time (almost since the beginning) that his interests were in no way, shape or form related to that most people would think the American People's were (except that one or two percent who are corporate CEOs or multi-millionaires). Tax cuts for those who least need it, cuts in corporate taxes, easing of restrictions on corporations and now rewriting environmental policies (since rewriting the laws won't float at this point) so that more pollution can be dumped onto the planet.

Add that to torture, indefinite imprisonment, mutilated civil liberties and thousands dead in a war of choice. How can he not be considered Truly Evil?


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