Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Me and the clipboard"

Okay. I was wrong. Men do need to do the thinking about abortion so that they have an idea where they stand. This is why.

My Views on Abortion

I have no words for what this guy went through.

"Only now, my wife is so out of it, from blood loss, from the painkillers, that the doctor said she is no longer able to legally consent."

"Made worse by being a decision of either kill the baby or potentially watch both my wife and the baby die."

"It was my wife. And I didn't have exactly a lot of time to think about it. It was just me and the clipboard. An empty line there, marked for my signature."

Things got worse and they discovered that the baby was doomed.

"This was what went through my mind as I sat there, waiting to see if, after my baby died, my wife had died as well."

And he started thinking about the politicians. The pro-lifers (whom I call "forced pregnancy proponents"). Until they've been in this guys shoes they can shut the fsck up.


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