Thursday, May 17, 2007


I thought I had a definite image in my mind of the limits of human incompetency. That I knew, or had some inkling, just how badly people could screw things up if they had absolute no freaking clue what they were doing.

Apparently I was wrong. I stand amazed at the depths of corruption, incompetency and even malice. I figured that the republicans and Bush being in charge couldn't be that much more corrupt than democrats. I mean they're all politicians. Heck we even have a representative from Louisiana who keeps his bribe money in his freaking freezer (and is this a new definition for idiocy? or simply a new poster child for stupidity?).

Almost every day I hear more stories coming out about corruption and incompetency. NPR has a series about how badly the reconstruction in Iraq has been bungled.

Rebuilding Iraq: A Contract Goes Awry
What Went Wrong with the Rebuilding of Iraq?

Yesterday part one talked about shipping 12 billion dollars (billion) in $100 bills to Iraq. On pallets in bundles wrapped in cellophane. Just how smart is that? And they still have no idea where eight billion of it went. I think this is the definition of the phrase "What the fsck?". How is it that the folks responsible for this aren't in prison? And whose the genius who came up with the idea of the "no-bid" contract? How could they not see that it was a recipe for disaster?

To top things off, Mister Cheney thinks that he shouldn't be responsible for what he's done.

Immunity Sought for Cheney, Top Officials

We can hope the judge calls bullsh!t on this.


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