Thursday, June 14, 2007

Satisfied for now

Libby must begin perjury prison sentence: judge

I'm satisfied that the judge is standing up to this. I'm also dismayed that all these "constitutional scholars" are jumping on his bandwagon to appeal that he remain free during his appeals process. While what he did isn't, in my opinion, quite as bad as what they were investigating, he did lie while under oath and if the judicial system allows that to happen and sets a tone for that kind of behavior then the whole system will become a farce (or perhaps I should say "even more of a farce").

Combine that with

Google Search

I can't bring myself to actually click on any of these but I didn't avoid managing to find out that she was released from jail after 3 days of her 45 day sentence. A "medical condition". Then when prosecutors and the judge found out and complained to the state prison system, they hastily recalled her back to prison. Her "acting agency" dropped her (I suppose I shouldn't pan the agency, from their perspective they'll cover anyone regardless of "talent", in our country today even the most moronic untalented "actors" can make big bucks, just look at this reality TV crap that floods the airwaves (like a backed up sewer)).

And between those two what could that leave the rest of the world thinking about the American Legal system?


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