Thursday, October 18, 2007

And now for something

totally strange.

123,910 People
JustSayHi - Dating

Unusual Deaths in 1961

* On march 23, soviet cosmonaut trainee Valentin Bondarenko died from shock after suffering third-degree burns over much of his body, due to a flash fire in the pure oxygen environment of a training simulator. this incident was not revealed outside of the soviet union until the 1980s.

People who died on November 21 (various years)

* 2006 - Pierre Amine Gemayel, Lebanese Cabinet minister (assassinated)
* 2005 - Alfred Anderson, last Scottish World War I veteran
* 1993 - Bill Bixby, American actor and director
* 1969 - Mutesa II of Buganda, President of Uganda (1924)
* 1963 - Robert Stroud (The Birdman of Alcatraz), American prisoner
* 1924 - Florence Harding, American First Lady
* 1916 - Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria
* 1899 - Garret Hobart, Vice President of the United States
* 1844 - Ivan Krylov, Russian fabulist
* 1361 - Philip I, Duke of Burgundy (plague)
* 496 - Pope Gelasius I

Hmmm. What's a fabulist ... ah, that makes sense.



Blogger susankellogg said...

Well, really strange post. I would hardly find out about people who die the day I was born. Death is sad and awful. Why to sadden your birthday? I don't understand you.

Blogger banzai said...

Everyone dies. Sooner or later.

If you don't face that then you're ignoring half of life and in some respect one of the things that makes life so precious.

As for why do that on my birthday, it was just something odd I stumbled across. One of those "this day in history" kind of things and history fascinates me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, John Keats died on my romantic.


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